The Black Kid taken from This Means Nothing by Le Bijoutier 2008

The Yard...4th line all the way up in the BX where it all began...Bronx represent'

Night trick in front of the REVS AMAZE roller...straight up Manhattan...

Instamatic wheatpaste by BAST...

sticker combo on a street sign already vandalized with paint...
time after time, aesthetic of destruction

time over the FAILE wolf...

kidz in the subway....young and hustlin'.
they started dancin, we all laughed, they were pretending to be tough, and statrted showing bills...we laughted again when they saw their faces...a cool time.

legz (detail)

rusted rasta (detail)

whizz by


This Means Nothing by Le Bijoutier
was published by Powerhouse Books Brooklyn, NY in march 2008.

For years i roamed around New York City street to encounter and capture the very best of street art and graffiti activism, not only the top artist but the anonymous also who give a all meaning to these actions.
I am proud to introduce you to This Means Nothing, enjoy…

and feel free to contact me


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